USB Type-C Ports Are Finally Coming To Apple Products; Will iPhone Get It Too?

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The USB Type-C port on all Android phones and accessories like earbuds have made it possible to carry a universal charging cable around. But that’s not the case if you have an iPhone or any other Apple gadget. This is about to change as several Apple devices are getting a USB Type-C port now.


USB Type-C Ports On AirPods

Popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that the upcoming, next-gen Apple products would be getting the USB Type-C port. This includes the AirPods, Apple Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse, and even the MagSafe battery.

That said, the change in ports won’t happen until 2023, the analyst said, whose predictions have been quite accurate so far. Presently, these Apple devices make use of the in-house Lightning port – which is naturally not compatible with other non-Apple products.

The reason for the switch to a USB Type-C port could be many. For one, Apple is working on an ambition to make all its devices port-free. But that could still take time. Additionally, the European Union has been pushing to make a universal port/charger for all smartphones in a bid to cut down on e-waste.

Will iPhone Get USB Type-C Port?

This brings us to the iPhone and the USB Type-C port. Kuo suggests the switch to type-C ports will also arrive on future iPhone devices. This would make Apple comply with the European Union’s push for the reduction of e-waste, which would also sync with Apple’s mantra since it stopped shipping adapters for the same.

That said, the iPhone models with the USB Type-C ports would still take a year to arrive. A report by Bloomberg also stated that Apple is testing iPhones and adapters with the USB Type-C port. Kuo states this could launch sometime in 2023 for the iPhone 15 models.


The switch to USB Type-C port on Apple products will work in favor of the company. Presently, the MagSafe wireless charging technology is still in its infancy and will take a couple of generations to push for a completely port-less iPhone. For now, Android users who wish to switch to the iPhone will find it convenient with the type-C port, even if Apple doesn’t ship the adapter with the box!

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