iPhone 11 Price Drop: You Can Buy It For Rs. 49,900

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It has been almost three years since the launch of the iPhone 11 series. It looks like the product has reached the end of its life now as the company is speculated to be in plans to discontinue the series following the announcement of the next-generation models in the iPhone 14 series. However, there is no confirmation from the company regarding the discontinuation of the iPhone 11 models.


Despite this, we have been coming across numerous instances wherein the iPhone 11 has been sold at reduced pricing. This makes us believe that the company is clearing the last stocks of the device. Whatever be the reason, the iPhone 11 is now available at the lowest possible pricing of Rs. 49,900 and this could be the last chance to get your hands on it.

Will Apple iPhone 11 Be Discontinued?

As per a report by idropnews, Apple is all set to discontinue the iPhone 11 sometime soon. It could do the same after the iPhone 14 unveiling slated for September. The report cites sources that are familiar with the development. It notes that the iPhone 11 received a better response than the affordable iPhone SE (2022) launched last month despite being announced in 2019.

Also, the iPhone 11 comes with a bigger display, FaceID and an extra camera than the current generation iPhone SE while not being more expensive. Eventually, it is believed that the company might discontinue the iPhone 11 in order to keep the sales of the iPhone SE (2022) up.

If it turns out to be true, then interested buyers will be able to buy iPhone 11 only until the stocks last. Users can buy refurbished models from authorized retailers. While it remains to be seen how long the iPhone 11 will remain in stock, it can be bought for as low as Rs. 49,900 now in India. It is possible to buy this offering via online retailers, partner operators and authorized retailers across India.


What’s more, it is expected that 2022 could also be the last year for the ‘mini’ iPhone models. There are speculations that the mini iPhone could be discontinued after a couple of years to make way for the bigger iPhone 14 Max.

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