How To Move Spotify Playlists To Apple Music Or Other Streaming Service

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Spotify and Apple Music are amongst the most popular music streaming services in the world. As per a recent report, the former had a market share of 31 percent, while the latter grabbed a share of 13 percent globally. Both the music streaming apps have their own interesting features. However, Apple Music’s plans are more affordable in India, which may entice Spotify users to switch to Apple’s service.


• First of all, the users will need to open on one of their devices, be it a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet.
• Then they have to create an account with Soundiiz.
• Once done, the users will need to click on Spotify and put in their credentials and log into the system. They now need to repeat the same process with Apple Music or any other streaming service of their choice for logging in.

Transferring Playlists From One App To Another

• In the next step, the users will have options to select all the tracks or individual ones for their playlist to transfer.
• Then the website will take the users to the next Window, where they can select Apple Music or any other platform as the “destination source”.
• Then the app transfers the playlist to the destination and the users can go and find the playlist on the choice of their app.

Transfer Playlists From Spotify To Amazon Music, YouTube, JioSaavn And More

Soundizz’s website lets you transfer playlists and other music data from almost all the music streaming platforms available on the market. It supports popular apps such as Tidal, Deezer, AmazonMusic, YouTube Music, Napster, SoundCloud, 8Tracks, JioSaavn and many more. The users simply have to log into their favourite apps on and they are good to go to transfer their playlists from one another service.

It’s worth mentioning that Soundizz’s free version only allows the transfer of one playlist from one app to another. The premium version lets the users transfer all the playlists and other app data, which costs around Rs. 370 or €4.50 per month.

Major Music Streaming Services Monthly Prices In India

Talking about the latest pricing of the major music streaming services, Apple Music has a monthly plan of Rs. 99, while Spotify’s service costs Rs. 119/month. JioSaavn’s monthly tariff for Android devices is Rs. 99, while the iOS counterpart costs Rs. 119. As for Amazon Prime Music, its monthly plan will set the users back by Rs. 179. Similar to Apple Music, Gaana Plus subscription costs Rs. 99 for the monthly plan.

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